Sunday, August 23, 2009

Staph Infection

Dear Zackery,

This staph infection incidence turned out to be a therapeutic experience. I was like under house arrest this weekend without the fuss of an electronic ankle bracelet. I took a break from the gym (you know how obssessed I am), canceled all my social engagements. Instead, I spent all day Sat catching up on my sleep, going through a pile mail the size of Mount Fuji, and tidying up my apartment. While I was sorting through my old mags, I came across the April 2007 issue of Elle Decor. On the glossy cover page, next to the artwork by Ana Garcia Pan, was the wing chair by Fritz Henningsen you have been lusting after!

Not only does the designer of the featured London townhouse have extraordinary taste in chairs, I also found one of my favorite floor lamps adorning the living room of that same exquisitely decorated home. The lamp was designed by Serge Mouille in the 1950's during which he designed a myraid of large, angular, insect-like wall mounted and standing lamps with several arms and smaller, more curved wall-sconces. Some of his best known designs from the period are his “Oeil” lamp (1953), “Flammes” (1954) and “Saturn” (1958).

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Every once and while, one will come across a little desk lamp by Serge Mouille on Ebay:

The Serge Mouille floor lamp, the French Signal lamp by the company Jielde, and the silver plated brass equilibrium desk lamp by Edouard Bouquet are my three favorite lamps in this world!

The original French Signal lamp was designed as an adaptation of railways lights, sturdy, industrial, elegant and flexible to bring light in any direction you desire.

The French company Jielde still manufactures this lamp. You can find one locally at Karikter in San Francisco on Sutter Street for $1,335.

Of course you can also find it on The price is anywhere between 350 EUR to 600 EUR depending on the condition.

The Signal desk lamp also comes in 18 different colors! It's listed on for $405...not bad at all!

The equilibrium lamp was designed in 1924 and was reissued in the 80s. They currently go for ~ 3000 EUR. It's either two of these...

or a pre-loved 40 cm Hermes HAC Birkin...tough choice!

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